Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maternity Clothing - Goal

For most of my clothing I shop at goodwill, consignment stores, or sale/clearance racks. It's not at all that I can't afford to buy new clothing, but I just hate spending the money when I can normally find beautiful things used. I made a goal in this pregnancy, to not buy anything new. To see if I could survive with only shopping, consignment stores/sales, cragslist, and goodwill. So, far I've been able to do it.
 I have forgotten once and got two tee's from a deal site.(1 for $10.99 and the other for $12.99.) And two maternity cami's I got on a clearance rack for $3.00 each.
I did buy a new dress for my baby shower on Saturday, I bought most of it with birthday money from my Mom, so out of pocket I only spent $15. It was hard to buy this new and I might return it...I've not decided.
I guess having only gotten five things new in 7 months, isn't bad?

For my birthday, I was given a motherhood gift card, so I was able to buy a new bathing suit. I have found lots of used bathing suits, but that is one thing I will not buy used.
A student gave me a target giftcard for a baby gift and was able to buy three maternity tee's off the clearance rack for a total of $15. (and then used the rest of the giftcard for grocery's.:p)

I'm grateful to God for blessing each shopping trip and for helping me find ways for our family to save money. :)

This is everything in my closet(for maternity): 
That I've found at either goodwill, consignment stores/sales or cragslist.
Plus a couple of hand-me-downs from my sister.
21 shirts

 10 dresses

 5 pairs of capris

 1 skirt and 1 pair dress capris 

And these are a new items I forgot to put in the above pictures
I found these this week at either goodwill or craigslist.
I spent a total of $18.89 and got three shirts, two pairs of capris, and 1 dress.
I've not been able to try them on, so I don't know if they will fit. But if they don't, I'll just resell them. 

Favorite places to shop used maternity: 
The Red Hen - Chapel Hill
Gramma K's attic - Raleigh
Uptown Kids - Raleigh
Baby Bear - Durham
Kangaroo Pouch - Durham

Consignment Sales: 
Kids Everywhere
From in My pocket


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