Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maternity Clothing - Goal

For most of my clothing I shop at goodwill, consignment stores, or sale/clearance racks. It's not at all that I can't afford to buy new clothing, but I just hate spending the money when I can normally find beautiful things used. I made a goal in this pregnancy, to not buy anything new. To see if I could survive with only shopping, consignment stores/sales, cragslist, and goodwill. So, far I've been able to do it.
 I have forgotten once and got two tee's from a deal site.(1 for $10.99 and the other for $12.99.) And two maternity cami's I got on a clearance rack for $3.00 each.
I did buy a new dress for my baby shower on Saturday, I bought most of it with birthday money from my Mom, so out of pocket I only spent $15. It was hard to buy this new and I might return it...I've not decided.
I guess having only gotten five things new in 7 months, isn't bad?

For my birthday, I was given a motherhood gift card, so I was able to buy a new bathing suit. I have found lots of used bathing suits, but that is one thing I will not buy used.
A student gave me a target giftcard for a baby gift and was able to buy three maternity tee's off the clearance rack for a total of $15. (and then used the rest of the giftcard for grocery's.:p)

I'm grateful to God for blessing each shopping trip and for helping me find ways for our family to save money. :)

This is everything in my closet(for maternity): 
That I've found at either goodwill, consignment stores/sales or cragslist.
Plus a couple of hand-me-downs from my sister.
21 shirts

 10 dresses

 5 pairs of capris

 1 skirt and 1 pair dress capris 

And these are a new items I forgot to put in the above pictures
I found these this week at either goodwill or craigslist.
I spent a total of $18.89 and got three shirts, two pairs of capris, and 1 dress.
I've not been able to try them on, so I don't know if they will fit. But if they don't, I'll just resell them. 

Favorite places to shop used maternity: 
The Red Hen - Chapel Hill
Gramma K's attic - Raleigh
Uptown Kids - Raleigh
Baby Bear - Durham
Kangaroo Pouch - Durham

Consignment Sales: 
Kids Everywhere
From in My pocket


Friday, May 31, 2013

Birth Plan

I stumbled on a birth plan when I was on pinterest this week. That got me started reading peoples birth plans and researching different things to do with birth. I still have 16 weeks before my due date, but it's always good to plan ahead. :)

Why to have a Birth Plan:
It's very important to me to have a birth plan. Because of my husband's job it could possibly be me and my doula for most of the labor. (Depending on when I went into labor, how long my labor is. etc.... (HOPEFULLY Husband will be in town, but we are planning on him being on the road somewhere.)
 So, it's important that my doula and I are on the same page and she knows what I want.
 I also would like my preferences with be known to the nursing staff and my Midwife.

Things to Remember: 
*Even if you have a birth plan, be flexible! It's just your preference and it's ok if you go off the plan.

*If you end up having a c-section or an epidural your not a failure!
 The most important thing is the health of you and your baby.

*If your Dr./Midwife wants to intervene in any way during your labor and you have hesitations,
  remember to ask these questions:
1. Is my life or my baby's like at risk?
*if it's not life threatening*
2. Can we wait we wait 5-10min and see if anything changes?
3. Can I have a few minutes to talk this through/pray with my husband?

Here's a copy of my birth plan. Given I still have 16 weeks before my due date, this could change a little before baby's birth. This is just the first draft.
Birth Plan
Name: Annabeth Taylor
Due Date: September 23, 3013
Birth Facility:  -----------------

Mother: Annabeth Taylor     Father: Samule Taylor     Doula: ------------  

Attendants and Amenities:
*My Husband and doula to be allowed to stay with me at all times
*To dim lights at my wish
*To bring music

*No routine IV - to stay hydrated by drinking clear fluids. (Saline lock if IV is needed.)
*Unrestricted movement and positions throughout labor
*Pain relief by relaxation, birthing pool, shower, walking, and other movements and position changes.
*I’m fine with continuous Fetal monitoring, as long as it can still be active during labor.
*Opportunity of signing: “Against Medical Advice” waivers if certain options are declined.
*If augmentation necessary, I would like to try non-pharmacological methods before resorting to meds. However, if my OB and I agree that pitocin is required, I request that it be administered following the low dose protocol and increased in intervals no closer than every 30 minutes, allowing my body an appropriate amount of time to adjust and react to each dose increase.
*Please do not offer me pain medication. I’ll request it if I need it.

*Please do not direct my pushing with counting or yelling. I will ask for help if needed.
*I’m fine with the possibility of an episiotomy, if my Dr. feels like it’s the best option.   
*If all possibly, to labor and birth in the tub.
*No time limit on pushing time. (Unless baby is in distress)
*Baby to be places on my abdomen/chest immediately upon birth; warming by skin-to-skin contact and blankets places over baby. - putting off any procedures that are not urgent.
*To allow cord to stop pulsating completely before any clamping, cutting or administration of medications to mother. Unless the situation is urgent.
*My husband to cut the umbilical cord
*Local anesthesia should there be any tearing in need or repair
*Time for breastfeeding and natural separation of placenta
*Breastfeeding as desired by myself and baby.

*All observation/examinations/procedures for baby to be done in my presence
*Rooming-in with baby
*That my baby no be given ANY sugar water, formula, or a pacifier.
*If our baby has to leave our room, my Husband will go with him.
*I DO NOT want my baby to receive ANY routine injections/vaccinations without being consulted first.
*Our baby will NOT be getting the Hepatitis B vaccination.
*Ask us before setting a time for the circumcision. We may decide to wait an extra day or more before the procedure.

In the case of a C-Section:
I would like:
*my husband and doula with me.
*No sedatives after birth. I want to remember my Baby's first day of life.
*Please use double-layer sutures when repairing my uterus.
*My hands left free so I can touch our baby.
*Please hold baby up for me to see as soon as Baby's born
*Keep cord long for Hubby to cut
That my baby not be given ANY sugar water, formula, or a pacifier.
*If health permits, I would like skin-to-skin contact with my baby, to stay together during repair and recovery.
*I would like to hold Baby while Baby is being foot printed, getting bracelets on, and while the paperwork is being filled out
*Once back in our room we would like to be alone with Baby to nurse.
*We would like to keep Baby with us at all times. If Baby must go to NICU due to medical reasons, my Husband will follow

If my baby’s health is in Jeopardy:
*I would like my husband to go with my baby and to be allowed with him at all times.
*That my baby no be given ANY sugar water, formula, or a pacifier.
*To breast pump my milk for baby, if breastfeeding is not an option.

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Living Space

In February, Sam and I decided not to renew our rent. We loved our little house, but with Sam traveling so much it just didn't add up financially to sign up for another year. My parents offered us an extra bonus room they had in their house and thus began the moving process.

Here's some pictures of our new living space: 

 Everything packed, we have about 20 of these containers. :p

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's a......


Samuel and I are SO excited about our little boy! His name will be Samuel Hudson Taylor. 

I was surprised that my Doctor does 3D ultrasounds for all their patients. I was so thrilled with the pictures we got of Hudson. 
Isn't he CUTE!??! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


As most of you know, our family will be expanding in September! Baby Taylor is due September 23rd. (I'm a little over 14 weeks.)

The picture we sent out to all our family. :) 

Baby bump at 12 weeks. 

I've felt amazing these whole 14 weeks. Between 5-6 weeks, I did have some morning sickness. But then it went away and I've felt amazing! Such an answer to prayer.
I'm trying to drink the water recommended for pregnant people, 64oz! The last couple days I've almost got 96oz in.  But that's thanks to the new exercising plan I started. (walking two miles a day.) After baby is born, I've already got a walking buddy set up for two days a week.  And I have a great paved park near my house, where I can walk. My plan after I've recovered, is to get into jogging/running with baby, so that when I'm pregnant with baby #2, I won't just have to walk. :P

In a little over five weeks, we will find out the gender of our baby. I think it's a boy and have the whole time, so we will see. :)  We've got a girls name picked out - Eliza Catherine Taylor. Eliza is a family name on my side of the family and Catherine is a family name on the Taylor's. Together the names mean: My God is my vow+pure
For boys names we have got our list down to 6 names.
 Even thought his first name would be Samuel, he would go by his middle name for a little bit.
Samuel Joseph Taylor II -His Name Is God+God shall add (another son) - His Dad's name. :) 

Samuel Lee Taylor - His name is God+meadow 
Samuel Boaz Taylor - His name is God+Strength 
Samuel Hudson Taylor  - His name is God+Son of Hud
Samuel Asher Taylor - His name is God+blessed 
Seth Joseph Taylor -Appointed+God shall add (another son)

I've already started a baby registry at amazon. They had the best prices of any other baby place. Trust me, I priced things to hours. ;P  I'm hoping to have a baby shower before the summer consignment sales. So, I'm working on a detailed list of needs and what everything will cost.  I'll be attending the HUGE sale at the fair grounds to get most of baby's things and then going to another sale on their 50% day to buy baby clothes. This isn't until July, but I'm looking forward to it already!!:)
One important thing for registering:
 If you want a lot of kids.(Like Sam and I) Register for gender neutral baby items!! bedding, stroller, swaddle blankets, cloth diapers, slings, etc.
Basically, everything but clothing and that baby's personal baby blanket. :p

Also, baby consignment sales are amazing, but I wouldn't get everything at the sales.
Here's what I'm planning on buying new:
crib - depending on what the sale has. I want something VERY sturdy.
breast pump
cloth diapers - I'm going to use these for all my kids, so it's worth it to buy new.
swing - If I don't get it as a baby gift and it the sale doesn't have the kind I want. (swing+bouncy seat.)
crib mattress
baby monitor - I will look at the sale, but because of the way the house is set up and with Grandad's tv so loud just below our room, If I'm on the other side of the house and my baby is crying at the top of it's lungs, I wouldn't be able to hear a thing. So, I really good monitor is important and to me, worth the cost.
stroller+car seat - yes, this is $$$, But here's my take on it. Car seats are only good for 6 years.(so they say!) If I buy my car seat new, I will have no problem using it for those six years and then longer, because I know it's not been in a car accident(lord willing) and it's ok to use. For the stroller, It will always be a good idea to have a single stroller. Even when baby two comes, depending on the ages apart, I don't know if I would get a double stroller.  The new baby can go in a sling and the first baby in the stroller. And then when baby is ready for the stroller, it would be a great time to teach baby #1 to hold on to the stroller/stay next to Mom. I do see at times at double stroller being beneficially, but I think a single stroller is essential to a Mom.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our little bathroom

I have been wanted to share pictures of our little house for the last three months. But sadly, the only room that's ready to show is my bathroom.;) The rest of the house is coming along very quickly and should be ready in the next month to show. It's taken so long, because I promised myself that I would sell my wedding items and then buy stuff for our house with that money. It's taken a long time, but it's finally done and I did not spend any extra money. Woohoo! Now that I don't have wedding items left to sell, I'm going to use the money that I get from teaching  two students.  (Yay for home school students who come to my house!:)  With the money I get from teaching them, I'm going to finish my laundry room! I have three options and I'm still deciding which one I like better. Which is your favorite?
1. ( item 1 and item 2)
2.  one item
3. one bench

I'm thinking about also getting these prints and these curtains for the laundry room. I'm sooo excited about my laundry room, if you can't tell!:)

 Anyway, on to the pictures of my bathroom. We only have 1 bathroom in the whole house and it's downstairs. I thought this would be a problem, but it's not been a problem at all. And I would have no problem at all, if one of our future houses had the bathroom downstairs. Because we only have one bathroom, it's kept very clean all the time. You never know when someone will stop by and a dirty bathroom, is just gross! I have a feeling that if I had a privet bathroom and a guest bathroom, the privet bathroom would not be clean as much as it should be!;) Ok, I'm going to start rambling about my bathroom. Here are the pictures!:)

Now I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of our front yard. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

12 ways Sam and I save money

1. Only use a clothesline to dry clothes.
If I have delicate clothes(dresses, dress shirts, etc..) In stead of hanging them on the clothesline. I hang them on a coat hanger on my shower curtain rod. This is also how I hang my laundry in case it's raining outside. (I use this thing, for underwear and socks if it's raining.) 

2. Don't eat fast food! 
Instead of eating fast food, we go out to dinner once a month, normally this will cost $25.00.  If we want a treat, we will go to McDonald and get two Ice cream cones, for a total price of $1.65. (Yes, I know your thinking, Ice cream has dairy. But because it's fake ice cream I can eat it and feel fine.) 
*We did make an exception this month, we wanted to support Chick-fil-a last Wednesday, so we did eat out.:)* 

3. Go without a dishwasher
We don't have a dish washer, because there is no space in our kitchen for it AND I did not feel like it was something we needed with just two people. I'm not sure how much money we save, but it's got to be a little? 

4. Buy cleaners from Shaklee! 
I love my Shaklee cleaners, not only are they organic, but they are amazing prices! In March I got one bottle of Basic H(all purpose cleaner) and one of Basic G(stronger, for cleaning bathrooms). For a total of $27.00. For Basic H I add a 1/4teaspoon to 16 oz of water. For Basic G, I add 1 tablespoon to 16 oz.) I LOVE these two cleaners and the great part about them is, I think they will last me all year! Which means I will only spend $27 on cleaning supplies. :D 

5. Wait until you have big loads of laundry to wash clothes and wash in cold water as much as possible! 
I only wash two loads of laundry a week. 1 load of our clothes and 1 load of towels. 
*Side note* I have not made my own laundry detergent yet, because I was given detergent and fabric softener when we got married and I still have more then half a bottle left. But , it's cheaper to make your own and I plan to do so.

6. Cook with a crock pot instead of your oven. 
A crock pot uses a lot less electricity that the oven.

7. Don't run water when brushing your teeth or shaving. 
This can save you up to $70.00 a year! 

8. Adjust your thermostat when you leave the house.
During the day I keep the house at 85. At night around 7:00-8:00 I will turn it down to 80. Doing this could save us $200 a year!  

9. Only use CFL light bulbs.
Right before we got married I had tons of coupons for CLF light bulbs and stocked up! I have yet to use one ;) Because we switched to CLF light bulbs, we could save $210 a year .

10. Go grocery shopping with just cash. 
This way you can't go over your budget! ;) 

11. Drink water
  Not buying soda or other drinks saves so much money.
P.S. But once in a while it's nice to have soda or a special drink for dinner ;) 

12. When you leave the house, carry a water bottle with you. 
I have a water bottle called a nalgene, it's BPA free. I never go anywhere without this bottle. You never know when you might became thirsty.(And water fountains are gross!)

13. Keep track of your change.
Since Sam and I got married we have put all our extra change in mason jars. So far we have almost $60.00 saved up!!